Sunday, August 10, 2014

Where we're at: 2014

Hello Friends! 

So much has happened as half of the year has past since we've last blogged. Lets see...We went to Hawaii, California a couple times, an epic west coast road trip, and oh yeah...WE'RE EXPECTING A BABY GIRL! (Guess Arrival Date : 10-31-14- that's right folks. Halloween.)

Here are a few pics from our road trip this summer. I really need to properly blog about the whole experience separately since it was really great. 

For now I guess I'll fill you in on the more current shenanigans we're up to...

Mitch has finished his first year of Pharmacy School at MWU (woot woot!) He is currently doing his second rotation of the summer at a pharmacy in Glendale, which he has really been enjoying. He loves that he gets to interact with many people who are primarily Spanish speakers and takes every opportunity to practice his Spanish skills. He's much braver than I am and isn't afraid to order things in Spanish when we go out to eat or talk to random strangers with the limited Spanish he knows which is pretty cool. We've been reading parts of the Book of Mormon in Spanish together as a part of our family scripture study which has been really fun. 
Mitchell's favorite pastime is taking the kids swimming. He's got his dad to come out with him a couple times which has been super fun. Together they like to throw the kids really far in the pool and everyone seems to enjoy it. Last weekend they had an epic water gun fight Ken and Kaitaia vs. Mitch and Aotea. Tea is the secret weapon since she seems all cute and innocent so you are afraid to shoot at her, but she's actually a fearless water gun warrior. You just have to keep an eye out for her since she's prone to switching teams on you depending on who's closer to the shallow end of the pool.

Biggest change for me (besides being pregnant and all which I'll go into later...) is that I am no longer working. We made the decision for me to leave my position shortly after I found out I was pregnant in order to take it a little easier and hopefully have a more successful pregnancy this round. So far so good! Its of course an adjustment losing my income, but we both feel like there have been many blessings that have come already.  Its really helps us be more mindful of our "budget" (or lack their of). I think we've been able to limit the money we used to spend eating out or eating fast-take home food since I've been home to actually cook. It may be trivial for other people, but for us that has been one of our favorite things happening lately (me being home to cook and clean). Compared to the last couple years when I was rarely home its been nice to get to have time to work on projects I have around the house. I also really enjoy cooking which works out since Mitch loves eating home cooked meals so its been a win-win. 

I've realized that time is such a precious resource. Its been great to be available to spend more time with Mitchell and grow in our relationship. Its nice to be such good friends with your spouse. Its also been  great to be able to have the time to help out my family when they've needed it.

BOTH of my sisters had babies a couple weeks ago and I've been eating up whatever baby time/pictures I can get my hands on. They are both so cute and I can't wait for our own little one to make her debut. 

Being Pregnant:

Being pregnant has been pretty awesome. I'm currently 28 weeks along. Mitch says I've officially pregnant now since I'm looking more and more pregnant everyday. My favorite thing about being pregnant is seeing and feeling baby move around in my tummy. It is the craziest awesome thing. Its so reassuring when I feel her move around that everything is o.k that she's doing good in there and she's sticking with me. At first it was pretty hard to distinguish the baby moving around, but now its pretty fun that I can see her moving around even if I just look at my stomach. I like to joke that baby girl is pretty stubborn since she likes to stop moving around whenever I get Mitch to put his hand on my stomach, but we've caught her a couple times now in the act so now he's a believer. 
There are only a few real "difficult" parts of being pregnant so far. Namely dealing with restless legs when I'm trying to fall asleep and having to sacrifice doing some activities I would like to do. As for the restless legs, I've found that going on a walk with Mitch at night before I go to sleep really helps get my circulation going which makes it easier to fall asleep. The two things I've had to sacrifice I guess being pregnant is not being able to move heavy things like furniture which is humbling (and hard to resist when I really want to re-organize and clean everything) and not being able to go to Sunsplash this summer to ride all the rides. All and all I'd say its more than worth it. 

I'm grateful for the support our friends and families have given us. We've already received a lot of baby clothes and toys as well as maternity clothes which has been a godsend (It was starting to get real hard finding things to cover up this bump of mine :) 

Thanks for everything and hopefully we'll be back soon to tell you more about our adventures!

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