Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tamblyn Summer Break

Here are a few pics from our last trip to California during spring break. We had to go on our "summer vacation" a little early this year because Mitch started pharmacy school the day my school got out for summer break. Looking back on it now it looks like a dream...Just a couple more weeks and we get to go back to Cali for my families Disneyland Trip!!!! (I'm so excited. Mitch is more excited about Disneyland and seeing Leilani and James. Mitch is equally excited to see the Dongs but more excited at the prospect of seeing the beach again than going to Disneyland...)

 We got to see our buddy Patrick while we were in SD!
(And my buddy Mickey!)

Can't believe summer has come and gone...back to the grind. With Mitch at school and me working most of summer we hardly noticed it it seems... I am pretty excited for the holiday season to come back. I'm grateful for the seasons and the diversity they bring to our lives.

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