Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas 2012

The Tamblyn Christmas Eve party was once again a success. This year we played a new version of white elephant and also did a hilarious puppet show. Fun was had all around.

 Joey and Albert Loved their Christmas present. The best part is that they both had different favorite parts of the toy so they like to play with it at the same time.

 Mitchell decided to wrap anything he bought from the store that he didn't have to open immediately as a Christmas present. His tags were all very amusing  It was a joy on Christmas to open up some much needed socks, toothbrushes, toothpaste etc. We didn't care that these things weren't fancy new toys, it was fun to look at the pile of things under our tree and feel like we had a mountain of Christmas presents to unwrap. 

 Mitchell didn't get to roll around in the wrapping paper this year with Te'a but he had fun swinging her around in her new monkey shirt. (she looks just like the monkey on her tshirt, its funny)
Our family wasted no time after Christmas getting busy with preparations for Leilani's wedding / reception. Thanks for everyone who helped out in the four day event :P It looked gorgeous!

(even the babies came along for the set up)
 It's been fun having my brother home for a visit from Army School. Ellie loves her daddy!
 You can all guess which one was my favorite groomsman :)
 One last picture of our Christmas year we will work on getting a star for the top. (Notice Joey underneath it...he loves hiding spots)

 Our big Christmas (black Friday) present to ourselves this year. Next to it you can see the giant remote control we won at our friend's white elephant exchange.

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