Wednesday, August 29, 2012

First House!

 Here are some Pictures of our new house! We are so excited! Right now we are doing some painting and repairs before we move in (this weekend!) I'll have to post more pictures once we have everything painted and fixed up.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Dear Friends,

We are at the edge of many wonderful new adventures! Unfortunately, I feel the need to wait talk about them until they are official. (and when I say official, I don't mean until I post them on facebook, I mean until we sign the documents that say the Powers That Be no longer have the power to say "uh, we decided we don't want to lend you money for your house") 

Having said that I will post a little teaser for the big announcement (or the crushing one if anything goes wrong...eek) 
Here is a picture of our hopefully very soon to be home!
We are SO excited.

Lets see.... what else has been up?

I got a new job and I love it! I am now the site manager for the Before and After School Program at Wildflower Elementary School . :) I loved the ladies and the kids I worked with last year and I miss them bunches, so it's great that I still get to see them around at school. I get to plan activities to do with the kids and everyday we have a bunch of fun. I am really lucky that all of the kids in my program are really great. I only wish that there were MORE kids registered. I would hate for the program to end just because we didn't have enough kids registered. (Don't want to think about it)

Anyhow, Mitch transfered locations (to be closer to our hopeful new home). He is still getting adjusted to it.I think. We like to talk about how change, however uncomfortable it seems at first, can truly be a great tool in character building. Just in the short time we have been married we have been able to grow individually and as a couple through the situations we've been in that force us out of our comfort  zones.

Here is to hoping everything goes as planed and that we have the courage to meet life's challenges WHEN it doesn't (not "if")