Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Happy Birthday To Ma'ila

Mitchell likes to refer to some of his past relationships as "unproductive". I'm going to borrow this term and for a minute to explain that during my own "unproductive" dating experiences I got really used to being the person who was more on the giving end of sweet deeds rather than being on the receiving end. Being with Mitchell has opened my eyes to how wonderful it can feel to know someone thinks you are special and loves you enough to do special things for you. This year for my birthday Mitchell really when out of his way to make me have a great day...I just love that guy.

My birthday started off great. This year I have been blessed to work with some of the nicest ladies, who for my birthday organized a breakfast picnic with the kids in our class which was really cute. They even invited Mitch to come surprise me at work (one of my favorite things!) It was so nice :)

Then when I got off work Mitch had one more surprise in store for me. He let me choose where to pick up lunch (Wildflower Bread Co. or Freddies...I chose Freddies) then he started driving to an undisclosed location: The Litchfield church building for a picnic!
It was so sweet because the week before my birthday, (probably one of the hardest weeks I've had in years) on Saturday we were at the church building for my cousin's graduation luau and I told Mitch I've always wanted to have a picnic on the front lawn of that building. It was so touching that he remembered and took me there by surprise, I totally forgot that I told him that.
It was also sweet because that was the building where we had our reception :)

Later on that night (after my doctors appointment) We went swimming and chowed down on the shish kabobs Mitchell and I made for my birthday swim party!

What a great day.