Saturday, March 17, 2012

Aloha Festival 2012

(you can tell I'm having a hard time looking into the sun in this picture:)

(My beautiful niece Kaitaia, before she went on stage to dance)

(Mitch and I relaxing a bit while things were slowing down Saturday evening)

As is becoming tradition in the transition from Auwen-hood to matrimony, my father has made it a part of the marriage agreement that any (hopeful) future son in law must agree upon a life-long commitment to volunteer for the Aloha Festival.

Being that we got engaged in July and Mitchell had never been to the Arizona Aloha Festival, he had no idea what he was getting himself into when he agreed to marry me :)

My family has been volunteering at the Aloha Festival about every year that there has ever been an Aloha Festival...ever since I can remember. Everyone pretty much has a job:

Nani-Performing/ on the spot MC for the mama.
Dad+TJ- "Operations" (aka, Security)
Mom- PR/Operations (aka, all the little details that mom somehow knows need to get taken care that are easily overlooked)
John/Korinna- Bring ellie and eat shaved ice. (wait a minute...?)

My problem was that before I went to college my "job" was to dance and getting vendors food, but they no longer do food runs for vendors, and I no longer danced..??..After permanently relocating myself back in AZ after college I was having a hard time finding what my "job" would be at aloha fest.

This is where Naka comes in and saves the day.

You see, we don't know how many years dad will let Mitch and I get away with it, but out of the two options: 1-Stnading out in the sun all day, telling angry Samoans that they can't park in the parking lot and that they'll have to park 15 minutes away or 2-checking in happy Samoan grandmas who are selling Polynesian trinkets in their booth, we naturally prefer the second option :)

(of course now I'm knocking on wood because its only a matter of time before we are asked to take a little more responsibility on as far as the festival goes...)

For now, I was glad that Mitch's first Festival experience was a good one. He loves Polynesian people, culture, and food...(even though I'm sure he had enough Polynesian food at festival to last him till September...we ate SO MUCH!)

The good news is that Mitchell doesn't mind volunteering at the festival so he can keep his end of the agreement and we can stay happily married forever :)

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