Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Be mine.

Valentines Day

First Valentines day together! Ma'ila LOVES Valentines day. She'll take any excuse to get her craft on and show Mitchell some lovin. Since both Mitch and Ma'ila had to work Valentines evening they went out on Saturday to celebrate. The evening didn't turn out quite the way they had planned: classic mistake of trying to cram in too many good things, and not quite being able to do any of them!...Nonetheless, they were able to spend the entire evening with each other which was great.

For Valentines evening Ma'ila got a heart shaped pizza from Papa Murphy's and we had nice dinner at 9:30PM with Mitch's dad (decided to let him in on the fun since his wifey is still in Brazil...and cause dinner is always more fun with him :).

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