Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Christmas 2011


Merry Christmas!
Better late than never, right?
I love Christmas. The feeling of giving and the festivities make everyday so special in the blessed month of December. It was fun having our own little Christmas tree (complete with tiny plastic bells I found at Jo-Anns) Being our first Christmas and all I had to make matching stockings for us too. It was fun. Here are a few highlights of the season:
  • Visiting the Temple Lights with aunt Kathleen.
  • Having our house (Mitchell's Dads house) decked to the MAX!
  • Tamblyn Christmas party. (Mitchell fighting for the blanket in the white elephant even though we had the exact one at home).
  • Miller Christmas party. (My brother giving every family a pregnancy test as a gag gift and having everyone ask me if we were pregnant-no. we're not)
  • Mitchell rolling around in the wrapping paper trash Christmas morning with baby Te'a.
  • Mom pulling off a wonderful Christmas lunch OUTSIDE on Christmas afternoon.
  • Visiting Mitchell's mom's house before Christmas to watch Home Alone (still the BEST Christmas movie.) and then seeing family and eating good food with them again on Christmas.
  • Ma'ila participating in her first cookie exchange.
  • Getting the awesome smoothie/ blender from Ken and Sonia. -Mitchell is now requesting a smoothie everyday, he loves it so much.
Now I just can't wait for next years Christmas! (or I guess I should say this year's Christmas)...Besides the fact that I got the CUTEST decorations at the after Christmas sale, I am excited to think about what we could be doing in a year from now...life just keeps getting better!

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