Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Camelback Mountain

This past Martin Luther King day we had the chance to go hiking with some friends of mine from work. Let me tell you, I was nervous! I hiked this mountain once before a little over a year ago and it kicked my backside. Returning to this mountain was a good experience all around. The week before the hike I knew I needed to really prepare myself so I made sure I was extra active (okok, I "worked out") but more than that I tried to adjust my attitude. Instead of thinking about how difficult it was to climb the mountain the last time I was there, I tried to focus on all of the things I had accomplished in the time since my last experience with the mountain. I had competed in a 4 mile canoe race in the ocean. I ran a mile in 13 minutes. I had even started to venture out and start running outside. I tried to focus on the fact that I was a stronger person today than I was a year ago, and that made me proud.

Meeting the mountain again for a second go; The mountain was still tough, I still wasn't the fastest climber, my face still turned really red, and I still had a hard time breathing once we hit the really steep parts, but it was so good. Enjoying the day with friends and with Mitchell was so fun. One part we all appreciated was the beauty of the city, of nature and the sense of accomplishment that you have when you get outside and you get moving. We liked it so much we talked about starting a little hiking club of sorts.

My goal is that the Tamblyns will find a way to have a hands on experience with nature like this at least once a month this year. Its good for the soul.

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