Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas 2012

The Tamblyn Christmas Eve party was once again a success. This year we played a new version of white elephant and also did a hilarious puppet show. Fun was had all around.

 Joey and Albert Loved their Christmas present. The best part is that they both had different favorite parts of the toy so they like to play with it at the same time.

 Mitchell decided to wrap anything he bought from the store that he didn't have to open immediately as a Christmas present. His tags were all very amusing  It was a joy on Christmas to open up some much needed socks, toothbrushes, toothpaste etc. We didn't care that these things weren't fancy new toys, it was fun to look at the pile of things under our tree and feel like we had a mountain of Christmas presents to unwrap. 

 Mitchell didn't get to roll around in the wrapping paper this year with Te'a but he had fun swinging her around in her new monkey shirt. (she looks just like the monkey on her tshirt, its funny)
Our family wasted no time after Christmas getting busy with preparations for Leilani's wedding / reception. Thanks for everyone who helped out in the four day event :P It looked gorgeous!

(even the babies came along for the set up)
 It's been fun having my brother home for a visit from Army School. Ellie loves her daddy!
 You can all guess which one was my favorite groomsman :)
 One last picture of our Christmas year we will work on getting a star for the top. (Notice Joey underneath it...he loves hiding spots)

 Our big Christmas (black Friday) present to ourselves this year. Next to it you can see the giant remote control we won at our friend's white elephant exchange.

Friday, October 26, 2012

October 26 2012

We've been in the house for over a month now and it has been a blast!
Being home owners has been great. We are trying not to forget or take for granted all of the little blessings that comes from being able to have a place of our own. Here is a short list of some of the things that we've been able to do since owning a home;

  • Have FRIENDS and FAMILY come over for dinner and COOK for our friends! 
  • Bake yummy treats!
  • SEW in my new sewing room!
  • Finish some CRAFT projects: Refinishing the desk and bookshelf in my craft room and turning my closet doors into chalk board doors!
  • Get some adorable CATS!
  • Hang out on our COUCH (or make dinner or do whatever I want) while Mitchell does homework! (In the casita you could either be on the floor, bed, uncomfortable stool chair, or desk chair and because he had to do homework Mitchell usually won the desk chair.)
I think one of the biggest blessings that we have noticed has been something we were not even really planning on; which was moving into such a great ward. (If you aren't Mormon and are wondering what a "ward" is; a ward is the church congregation you meet with every week which is determined by geographic location/ neighborhood) We feel like we have been able to meet a lot of wonderful people and become really involved. In our last ward, Mitchell and I didn't feel very involved because we were kinda in a Nursery bubble where the only people we would ever interact with were the babies (who we loved!) and their parents.  Now that we have a house and that we attend different classes at church we have been able to invite people over for dinner, go running with people, help people move, and I have even been able to work with the young women as an adviser which has been so fun.

As far as any other life news goes, things are chugging along. Mitchell is working hard at completing his application to Pharmacy School and we will be crossing our fingers for that. I've been really enjoying my job working for the Community Education Department at Avondale Elementary School District as a School Site Manager. The kids I work with are great and I enjoy having a much less physical job than the one I had last year (as much as I miss working with the kids and ladies I worked with).

And because I'm afraid I'm becoming a crazy cat lady I have to post some pictures of our new friend Joey:

That's it for today

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

First House!

 Here are some Pictures of our new house! We are so excited! Right now we are doing some painting and repairs before we move in (this weekend!) I'll have to post more pictures once we have everything painted and fixed up.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Dear Friends,

We are at the edge of many wonderful new adventures! Unfortunately, I feel the need to wait talk about them until they are official. (and when I say official, I don't mean until I post them on facebook, I mean until we sign the documents that say the Powers That Be no longer have the power to say "uh, we decided we don't want to lend you money for your house") 

Having said that I will post a little teaser for the big announcement (or the crushing one if anything goes wrong...eek) 
Here is a picture of our hopefully very soon to be home!
We are SO excited.

Lets see.... what else has been up?

I got a new job and I love it! I am now the site manager for the Before and After School Program at Wildflower Elementary School . :) I loved the ladies and the kids I worked with last year and I miss them bunches, so it's great that I still get to see them around at school. I get to plan activities to do with the kids and everyday we have a bunch of fun. I am really lucky that all of the kids in my program are really great. I only wish that there were MORE kids registered. I would hate for the program to end just because we didn't have enough kids registered. (Don't want to think about it)

Anyhow, Mitch transfered locations (to be closer to our hopeful new home). He is still getting adjusted to it.I think. We like to talk about how change, however uncomfortable it seems at first, can truly be a great tool in character building. Just in the short time we have been married we have been able to grow individually and as a couple through the situations we've been in that force us out of our comfort  zones.

Here is to hoping everything goes as planed and that we have the courage to meet life's challenges WHEN it doesn't (not "if")


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Happy Birthday To Ma'ila

Mitchell likes to refer to some of his past relationships as "unproductive". I'm going to borrow this term and for a minute to explain that during my own "unproductive" dating experiences I got really used to being the person who was more on the giving end of sweet deeds rather than being on the receiving end. Being with Mitchell has opened my eyes to how wonderful it can feel to know someone thinks you are special and loves you enough to do special things for you. This year for my birthday Mitchell really when out of his way to make me have a great day...I just love that guy.

My birthday started off great. This year I have been blessed to work with some of the nicest ladies, who for my birthday organized a breakfast picnic with the kids in our class which was really cute. They even invited Mitch to come surprise me at work (one of my favorite things!) It was so nice :)

Then when I got off work Mitch had one more surprise in store for me. He let me choose where to pick up lunch (Wildflower Bread Co. or Freddies...I chose Freddies) then he started driving to an undisclosed location: The Litchfield church building for a picnic!
It was so sweet because the week before my birthday, (probably one of the hardest weeks I've had in years) on Saturday we were at the church building for my cousin's graduation luau and I told Mitch I've always wanted to have a picnic on the front lawn of that building. It was so touching that he remembered and took me there by surprise, I totally forgot that I told him that.
It was also sweet because that was the building where we had our reception :)

Later on that night (after my doctors appointment) We went swimming and chowed down on the shish kabobs Mitchell and I made for my birthday swim party!

What a great day.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Aloha Festival 2012

(you can tell I'm having a hard time looking into the sun in this picture:)

(My beautiful niece Kaitaia, before she went on stage to dance)

(Mitch and I relaxing a bit while things were slowing down Saturday evening)

As is becoming tradition in the transition from Auwen-hood to matrimony, my father has made it a part of the marriage agreement that any (hopeful) future son in law must agree upon a life-long commitment to volunteer for the Aloha Festival.

Being that we got engaged in July and Mitchell had never been to the Arizona Aloha Festival, he had no idea what he was getting himself into when he agreed to marry me :)

My family has been volunteering at the Aloha Festival about every year that there has ever been an Aloha Festival...ever since I can remember. Everyone pretty much has a job:

Nani-Performing/ on the spot MC for the mama.
Dad+TJ- "Operations" (aka, Security)
Mom- PR/Operations (aka, all the little details that mom somehow knows need to get taken care that are easily overlooked)
John/Korinna- Bring ellie and eat shaved ice. (wait a minute...?)

My problem was that before I went to college my "job" was to dance and getting vendors food, but they no longer do food runs for vendors, and I no longer danced..??..After permanently relocating myself back in AZ after college I was having a hard time finding what my "job" would be at aloha fest.

This is where Naka comes in and saves the day.

You see, we don't know how many years dad will let Mitch and I get away with it, but out of the two options: 1-Stnading out in the sun all day, telling angry Samoans that they can't park in the parking lot and that they'll have to park 15 minutes away or 2-checking in happy Samoan grandmas who are selling Polynesian trinkets in their booth, we naturally prefer the second option :)

(of course now I'm knocking on wood because its only a matter of time before we are asked to take a little more responsibility on as far as the festival goes...)

For now, I was glad that Mitch's first Festival experience was a good one. He loves Polynesian people, culture, and food...(even though I'm sure he had enough Polynesian food at festival to last him till September...we ate SO MUCH!)

The good news is that Mitchell doesn't mind volunteering at the festival so he can keep his end of the agreement and we can stay happily married forever :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Be mine.

Valentines Day

First Valentines day together! Ma'ila LOVES Valentines day. She'll take any excuse to get her craft on and show Mitchell some lovin. Since both Mitch and Ma'ila had to work Valentines evening they went out on Saturday to celebrate. The evening didn't turn out quite the way they had planned: classic mistake of trying to cram in too many good things, and not quite being able to do any of them!...Nonetheless, they were able to spend the entire evening with each other which was great.

For Valentines evening Ma'ila got a heart shaped pizza from Papa Murphy's and we had nice dinner at 9:30PM with Mitch's dad (decided to let him in on the fun since his wifey is still in Brazil...and cause dinner is always more fun with him :).

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Camelback Mountain

This past Martin Luther King day we had the chance to go hiking with some friends of mine from work. Let me tell you, I was nervous! I hiked this mountain once before a little over a year ago and it kicked my backside. Returning to this mountain was a good experience all around. The week before the hike I knew I needed to really prepare myself so I made sure I was extra active (okok, I "worked out") but more than that I tried to adjust my attitude. Instead of thinking about how difficult it was to climb the mountain the last time I was there, I tried to focus on all of the things I had accomplished in the time since my last experience with the mountain. I had competed in a 4 mile canoe race in the ocean. I ran a mile in 13 minutes. I had even started to venture out and start running outside. I tried to focus on the fact that I was a stronger person today than I was a year ago, and that made me proud.

Meeting the mountain again for a second go; The mountain was still tough, I still wasn't the fastest climber, my face still turned really red, and I still had a hard time breathing once we hit the really steep parts, but it was so good. Enjoying the day with friends and with Mitchell was so fun. One part we all appreciated was the beauty of the city, of nature and the sense of accomplishment that you have when you get outside and you get moving. We liked it so much we talked about starting a little hiking club of sorts.

My goal is that the Tamblyns will find a way to have a hands on experience with nature like this at least once a month this year. Its good for the soul.

Christmas 2011


Merry Christmas!
Better late than never, right?
I love Christmas. The feeling of giving and the festivities make everyday so special in the blessed month of December. It was fun having our own little Christmas tree (complete with tiny plastic bells I found at Jo-Anns) Being our first Christmas and all I had to make matching stockings for us too. It was fun. Here are a few highlights of the season:
  • Visiting the Temple Lights with aunt Kathleen.
  • Having our house (Mitchell's Dads house) decked to the MAX!
  • Tamblyn Christmas party. (Mitchell fighting for the blanket in the white elephant even though we had the exact one at home).
  • Miller Christmas party. (My brother giving every family a pregnancy test as a gag gift and having everyone ask me if we were pregnant-no. we're not)
  • Mitchell rolling around in the wrapping paper trash Christmas morning with baby Te'a.
  • Mom pulling off a wonderful Christmas lunch OUTSIDE on Christmas afternoon.
  • Visiting Mitchell's mom's house before Christmas to watch Home Alone (still the BEST Christmas movie.) and then seeing family and eating good food with them again on Christmas.
  • Ma'ila participating in her first cookie exchange.
  • Getting the awesome smoothie/ blender from Ken and Sonia. -Mitchell is now requesting a smoothie everyday, he loves it so much.
Now I just can't wait for next years Christmas! (or I guess I should say this year's Christmas)...Besides the fact that I got the CUTEST decorations at the after Christmas sale, I am excited to think about what we could be doing in a year from just keeps getting better!