Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I thank therefore I am

November 2011 has been a beautiful month.
As the weather grows cooler and the days grow shorter I am constantly reminded of how much I appreciate Arizona, life, and family in general.

This month, Mitchell and I have had several exciting escapades that we'd like to share with you starting off with a trip to Prescott to visit Mitchell's sister Melissa and her daughter Hailey. Highlights included attending their baptism in their local Christian Church (I wish I could remember the name), playing with their adorable puppies (my favorite), and sharing food with everyone every time we went out to eat (Mitchell's favorite). Mostly it was great to get to see family that we don't get to see very often.

Our next adventure was a trip to California!

Mitchell invited me to come to San Diego with him a couple months ago for a big tournament. Seeing as San Diego is one of my favorite places, of course I said I'd tag along (even though I knew it would involve hanging out by myself a lot of the time while he was playing and sharing a room with his brother and several other Magic Players) Well...As you can imagine, Mitchell had something up his sleeve.

A surprise trip to Disneyland!!!!

Even before we were married Mitchell noticed that I had this dream of going to Disneyland, so right off the bat we started (Ok, I started) a "Disneyland Fund". In it went all of our change (sadly we noticed how slow it is to save this way b/c nobody uses cash these days) Anyhow, Mitchell soon found out that Disneyland was the perfect leverage for me: "Honey, you could buy that *insert impulse purchase* or we could put the money in the Disneyland fund (I'd put back whatever it was)...As mentioned earlier our Disneyland fund didn't grow very much over the last couple months of our marriage, so I thought it would be a long time before I'd ever see my dream come true. Lucky for me I have a sweet husband who decided to stop teasing me about wanting to go to Disneyland and planned to take be there by surprise.

It was SO MUCH FUN!!! Man...we weren't able to spend that much time there because of the tournament and the tight schedule, but it was so worth it! Those hours at Disneyland were the best of the whole trip. Disneyland held itself up to being one of the most "magical" places on earth and it was extra great to be there with Mitch. (I think Mitch was even converted to the magic of Disneyland, so hopefully we will go back someday)Good Good times.

November 19th was Mitchell's birthday!

WooHoo! Now he's a whole quarter of a century! I got him some little random things (learned how hard it is to get him something cause he's pretty content with everything he has and if he wants something he just saves up and buys it) Anyhow, what I got him was this thing called "Table Topics" it's this cool looking cube full of cards and on each of the cards there is a conversation starting question. I liked it because it reminds me of how we used to play 100 questions a lot when we dated. I also got him this handsome RVCA shirt, and a jar of mixed nuts and berries (if you know Mitchells love for nuts, you'll understand). Here's a picture of Mitch starring down the birthday cake.
Lastly, being the month of thanksgiving, we made a poster and decided to write down one thing we were grateful for each day. Its been fun reflecting on all of our blessings and seeing all of the things we've done this month. Check it out so far...
Happy November everyone!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

growing love

While we were dating I was working as an instructor at a summer camp for youth. One of our activities was decorating a plastic cup and planting seeds in it. I've never had much of a chance to put my green thumb to use so I thought I'd give it a try and planted some teeny tiny basil seeds. I was pretty nervous about it. "Did I do it right?", "Did I plant them too deep..not deep enough?", "Am I watering it enough?, too much?"...All I could wait for was a sign; a peek of green telling me I was on the right track. About a week later I had a Canoe race in San diego. I was excited for my race, but nervous about leaving behind my basil. "Who would care for her in her most delicate infant stage?"

(dum dum dum!...Mitchell to the rescue!)

Mitchell offered to look after her while we were gone and he did a wonderful job. When we left to California my little plant was nothing but a cup of dirt, but when we came home three beautiful little green shoots were popping out of the damp, dark earth. Thus the start of our love basil.

Since its humble beggining, a few changes have taken place. She grew up. No longer a baby sprouting out of the earth, she now reaches tall and proud. To acomidate her growth we had to move her to a new home in a much more appealing red plastic pot. She has enjoyed her new surroundings and continues to grow. She even gave up some of her leaves for dinner the other night (what a treat!)

I won't conjure up a grand comparison between this love fern (I mean love basil) and our relationship for you, but I will leave you with one thought...

Let the love GROW!