Sunday, August 10, 2014

Where we're at: 2014

Hello Friends! 

So much has happened as half of the year has past since we've last blogged. Lets see...We went to Hawaii, California a couple times, an epic west coast road trip, and oh yeah...WE'RE EXPECTING A BABY GIRL! (Guess Arrival Date : 10-31-14- that's right folks. Halloween.)

Here are a few pics from our road trip this summer. I really need to properly blog about the whole experience separately since it was really great. 

For now I guess I'll fill you in on the more current shenanigans we're up to...

Mitch has finished his first year of Pharmacy School at MWU (woot woot!) He is currently doing his second rotation of the summer at a pharmacy in Glendale, which he has really been enjoying. He loves that he gets to interact with many people who are primarily Spanish speakers and takes every opportunity to practice his Spanish skills. He's much braver than I am and isn't afraid to order things in Spanish when we go out to eat or talk to random strangers with the limited Spanish he knows which is pretty cool. We've been reading parts of the Book of Mormon in Spanish together as a part of our family scripture study which has been really fun. 
Mitchell's favorite pastime is taking the kids swimming. He's got his dad to come out with him a couple times which has been super fun. Together they like to throw the kids really far in the pool and everyone seems to enjoy it. Last weekend they had an epic water gun fight Ken and Kaitaia vs. Mitch and Aotea. Tea is the secret weapon since she seems all cute and innocent so you are afraid to shoot at her, but she's actually a fearless water gun warrior. You just have to keep an eye out for her since she's prone to switching teams on you depending on who's closer to the shallow end of the pool.

Biggest change for me (besides being pregnant and all which I'll go into later...) is that I am no longer working. We made the decision for me to leave my position shortly after I found out I was pregnant in order to take it a little easier and hopefully have a more successful pregnancy this round. So far so good! Its of course an adjustment losing my income, but we both feel like there have been many blessings that have come already.  Its really helps us be more mindful of our "budget" (or lack their of). I think we've been able to limit the money we used to spend eating out or eating fast-take home food since I've been home to actually cook. It may be trivial for other people, but for us that has been one of our favorite things happening lately (me being home to cook and clean). Compared to the last couple years when I was rarely home its been nice to get to have time to work on projects I have around the house. I also really enjoy cooking which works out since Mitch loves eating home cooked meals so its been a win-win. 

I've realized that time is such a precious resource. Its been great to be available to spend more time with Mitchell and grow in our relationship. Its nice to be such good friends with your spouse. Its also been  great to be able to have the time to help out my family when they've needed it.

BOTH of my sisters had babies a couple weeks ago and I've been eating up whatever baby time/pictures I can get my hands on. They are both so cute and I can't wait for our own little one to make her debut. 

Being Pregnant:

Being pregnant has been pretty awesome. I'm currently 28 weeks along. Mitch says I've officially pregnant now since I'm looking more and more pregnant everyday. My favorite thing about being pregnant is seeing and feeling baby move around in my tummy. It is the craziest awesome thing. Its so reassuring when I feel her move around that everything is o.k that she's doing good in there and she's sticking with me. At first it was pretty hard to distinguish the baby moving around, but now its pretty fun that I can see her moving around even if I just look at my stomach. I like to joke that baby girl is pretty stubborn since she likes to stop moving around whenever I get Mitch to put his hand on my stomach, but we've caught her a couple times now in the act so now he's a believer. 
There are only a few real "difficult" parts of being pregnant so far. Namely dealing with restless legs when I'm trying to fall asleep and having to sacrifice doing some activities I would like to do. As for the restless legs, I've found that going on a walk with Mitch at night before I go to sleep really helps get my circulation going which makes it easier to fall asleep. The two things I've had to sacrifice I guess being pregnant is not being able to move heavy things like furniture which is humbling (and hard to resist when I really want to re-organize and clean everything) and not being able to go to Sunsplash this summer to ride all the rides. All and all I'd say its more than worth it. 

I'm grateful for the support our friends and families have given us. We've already received a lot of baby clothes and toys as well as maternity clothes which has been a godsend (It was starting to get real hard finding things to cover up this bump of mine :) 

Thanks for everything and hopefully we'll be back soon to tell you more about our adventures!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Cookie Exchange Recipes!

Here are the recipes we used for our cookies!

Mitchell's PECAN chocolate chip cookies:

(the recipe doesn't have pecans in it, but I add about a cup and a half for Mitch)

Ma'ila's Wanabe Milano Cookies:

(This one is a work in progress...)

Christmas Crack:

(Easy. Delish. Nuff Said.)

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Veterans Day 2013

On veterans day we relaxed and had some fun with family and friends. In the morning our neighbor let Mitch ride his dirt bike and he fell in love.  Later we took the kiddos to a park in Tolleson where there was a Veterans Day celebration going on with dancing from a local children's ballet folklorico troop with live music which was great. 

We took Taia and teeks to see Thor and we learned that going to the movies with kids is a little different than with adults, but we had fun. 

-Note to future selfs for next time: sit in aisle seats near exit bc children will HAVE to use the bathroom during movie (possibly multiple times...even if you take then right before you go in).-

In the evening we headed back home to watch the movie After Earth with some friends from our ward. The movie wasn't what we expected, but it did give some things to think about the idea of fear. 

All in all it was a good day. 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tamblyn Summer Break

Here are a few pics from our last trip to California during spring break. We had to go on our "summer vacation" a little early this year because Mitch started pharmacy school the day my school got out for summer break. Looking back on it now it looks like a dream...Just a couple more weeks and we get to go back to Cali for my families Disneyland Trip!!!! (I'm so excited. Mitch is more excited about Disneyland and seeing Leilani and James. Mitch is equally excited to see the Dongs but more excited at the prospect of seeing the beach again than going to Disneyland...)

 We got to see our buddy Patrick while we were in SD!
(And my buddy Mickey!)

Can't believe summer has come and gone...back to the grind. With Mitch at school and me working most of summer we hardly noticed it it seems... I am pretty excited for the holiday season to come back. I'm grateful for the seasons and the diversity they bring to our lives.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas 2012

The Tamblyn Christmas Eve party was once again a success. This year we played a new version of white elephant and also did a hilarious puppet show. Fun was had all around.

 Joey and Albert Loved their Christmas present. The best part is that they both had different favorite parts of the toy so they like to play with it at the same time.

 Mitchell decided to wrap anything he bought from the store that he didn't have to open immediately as a Christmas present. His tags were all very amusing  It was a joy on Christmas to open up some much needed socks, toothbrushes, toothpaste etc. We didn't care that these things weren't fancy new toys, it was fun to look at the pile of things under our tree and feel like we had a mountain of Christmas presents to unwrap. 

 Mitchell didn't get to roll around in the wrapping paper this year with Te'a but he had fun swinging her around in her new monkey shirt. (she looks just like the monkey on her tshirt, its funny)
Our family wasted no time after Christmas getting busy with preparations for Leilani's wedding / reception. Thanks for everyone who helped out in the four day event :P It looked gorgeous!

(even the babies came along for the set up)
 It's been fun having my brother home for a visit from Army School. Ellie loves her daddy!
 You can all guess which one was my favorite groomsman :)
 One last picture of our Christmas year we will work on getting a star for the top. (Notice Joey underneath it...he loves hiding spots)

 Our big Christmas (black Friday) present to ourselves this year. Next to it you can see the giant remote control we won at our friend's white elephant exchange.

Friday, October 26, 2012

October 26 2012

We've been in the house for over a month now and it has been a blast!
Being home owners has been great. We are trying not to forget or take for granted all of the little blessings that comes from being able to have a place of our own. Here is a short list of some of the things that we've been able to do since owning a home;

  • Have FRIENDS and FAMILY come over for dinner and COOK for our friends! 
  • Bake yummy treats!
  • SEW in my new sewing room!
  • Finish some CRAFT projects: Refinishing the desk and bookshelf in my craft room and turning my closet doors into chalk board doors!
  • Get some adorable CATS!
  • Hang out on our COUCH (or make dinner or do whatever I want) while Mitchell does homework! (In the casita you could either be on the floor, bed, uncomfortable stool chair, or desk chair and because he had to do homework Mitchell usually won the desk chair.)
I think one of the biggest blessings that we have noticed has been something we were not even really planning on; which was moving into such a great ward. (If you aren't Mormon and are wondering what a "ward" is; a ward is the church congregation you meet with every week which is determined by geographic location/ neighborhood) We feel like we have been able to meet a lot of wonderful people and become really involved. In our last ward, Mitchell and I didn't feel very involved because we were kinda in a Nursery bubble where the only people we would ever interact with were the babies (who we loved!) and their parents.  Now that we have a house and that we attend different classes at church we have been able to invite people over for dinner, go running with people, help people move, and I have even been able to work with the young women as an adviser which has been so fun.

As far as any other life news goes, things are chugging along. Mitchell is working hard at completing his application to Pharmacy School and we will be crossing our fingers for that. I've been really enjoying my job working for the Community Education Department at Avondale Elementary School District as a School Site Manager. The kids I work with are great and I enjoy having a much less physical job than the one I had last year (as much as I miss working with the kids and ladies I worked with).

And because I'm afraid I'm becoming a crazy cat lady I have to post some pictures of our new friend Joey:

That's it for today

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

First House!

 Here are some Pictures of our new house! We are so excited! Right now we are doing some painting and repairs before we move in (this weekend!) I'll have to post more pictures once we have everything painted and fixed up.